For over 30 yrs I have split my time between performing and nature. It has been a way to keep my wits about me in a world that is moving way too fast. I had missed an elk hunt in Bob Marshall Wilderness area in 1984 because of a commitment to perform La Boheme with Linda Rondstadt in New York.

I swore-never again!!

For a boy growing up in Texas with no formal music training, Val Jean in Les Miserables was risky, but no more than shooting a buffalo off horseback with an Osage bow I had made from a stave, simply a different kind of risk.
I still perform, but my dream was to create a magical place where art & nature coexist. I have had the opportunity to stay in the greatest hunting & fishing lodges in the world. Mountain Spirit has a piece of all of them, the best fly-fishing in the lower 48, turkey, elk, mule deer, black bear, lions and more are part of the magic. It is much more than a lodge. It is a home…a family. You must have this experience to know what I’m talking about and who knows…maybe while you are here I’ll pick up a guitar.

See you soon~
Gary Morris